250 grams of Italian grounded coffee, the one we use in our award winning coffee shop. Imported from Sardinia, La Tazza d'oro.


A coffee made from the right dose of Arabica coffee from Brazil, Guatemala and Costa Rica and washed Robusta coffee from India.

La Tazza d'oro Miscela d’oro is a full-body, aromatic coffee that's ideal for real enthusiasts who can't live without the traditional classic taste of Italian espresso.

It's highly regarded in Italian coffee shops as a balanced versatile cup that can satisfy all palates, at all times.

An espresso with a soft well-balanced taste that blends with a pan-toasted taste. Perfect harmony between aroma and body, perceptible from the first sip.

Excellent quality, because all the grains are carefully selected by experts from La Tazza d'oro to meet the specific physical criteria and the right taste profiles.

Grounded Coffee- 250 gr