Veganuary 🌱 Vegan Panini and amazing Sardinian vegan products

Veganuary is a great chance to discover more of what we can do with our veggies.

We have already a successful selection of Vegan Panini but we have decided to introduce more in our Menu. So for this month you will find this fresh panino with a vegan yellow pepper puree coming from Sardinia you can literally dream on.

We are happy our selection includes panini using only natural ingredients in a combination that gives an explosion of authentic Italian flavours.

Regarding the products you will find on our shelves, they are coming from one of our best suppliers “Sa Marigosa” based in the middle of Sardinia and they are Vegan certified.

Peppers, Artichokes, Courgettes and Mushrooms plus our pureee of Asparagus, Yellow pepper, Artichokes and Mushrooms all ideal for a great board of Antipasti and to be used for lovely bruschetta.


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