We are Italians, we love cooking in Accento, making our bread and combining the best ingredients to give you the best panini ever, but we love cooking at home as well.

Cooking at home for us has always been important, it has always meant to share a moment, in the preparation time, in setting up the table, in enjoying the meal, in all the chats we can have while eating.

Cooking at home has been simply this.

So in times where We are all staying in with our families, let's all take the chance to enjoy the most.

And, honestly, is there anything better than food to bring us even more together?

We set up our kitchens to stay close to you in this Quarantine time.

We are going to develop simple and easy recipes with few ingredients. We know how it is difficult in this time to do a good shopping with this all antisocial shopping behaviours and also because it is better for our safety to avoid going often to supermarkets or food shops.

Italian cuisine anyway is simple and with no more than three ingredients we are going to have great recipes to do together.

These recipes are the ones of the food we used to eat when in Italy, the ones we grew up with and of which we have the best memories. So get ready for lot of chat, comfort food and experiments.

We will try our best to cover all the dietary requirements with a bit of everything, from pasta to risotto, from lovely meat places to amazing soups, salads and sweets and we can guarantee that all the recipes do not require you to be a chef. They are for everyone to enjoy. For this reason you will find pictures and video to go through the method and a full recipe with all the steps to follow and remember you can always text us or leave a comment if you need an advice or a tip for your recipe.

We want to share all of this with you and we would love to see all your results and all your joy.

Let's cook together.

Let's go through this together.