Reusable Cups Campaign

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

The 2nd of September We started our new project about reusable cups, absolutly a new thing not only for Glasgow but for Scotland! When we launched Accento Cafe in 2015 it was very important to us to be an environmentally friendly business and we continue on our journey to do as much as we can. We stock take away reusable cups and we have a policy of giving a 20 pence discount per coffee for all the customers that bring their own cup.

Many of our customers have already joined us in this venture and many more of them are changing their coffee drinking habits to help protect the environment.

We are delighted about this but we want to do more.

Every day the cafe uses around 100 take away cups and, whilst this is really good for our business, it is detrimental to land fill as only a very small percentage of these will be recycled. 

Accento Cafe alone contributes 20,000 cups a year in terms of waste.A regular customer who takes away a cup of coffee every day is consuming 240 cups a year .

Have you ever counted the cups that you use?

When we thought about all of this waste we wanted to act now and make a further positive change.

From the 2nd of September we are introducing a Loyalty Card for our customers.  Our card is different to other schemes that offer a free coffee for every ten coffees purchased.

After your tenth coffee take-away we will give you a free R-Cup to reward your commitment to us.

Yes, you heard right, your reusable cup will be on us and it is also done recyclying old take away cups!

This is not only a gift to our much valued customers, it is also a gift to the environment.

Join us in this campaign!

One coffee at a time we can build a better planet 🌍🌍🌍