Our Panini are made for you

Our Panini are what we are famous for, mostly.

We bake lot of sweets, We have a great sense of humour but our Panini are what We are famous for.

Just want to explain you why.

A Panino has always been for us much more than two slices of bread with selected toppings casually in, to be eaten in a rush on a lunch break.

A Panino is for us something more, something that stays a long time in our heads before being presented to you, something that We try several times ( you can notice that!) for giving you a sensorial experience difficult to forget.

We think all the flavours, from the simplest panino with three ingredients to the more structured one with seven, need to match to create harmony and with this we mean you should be able to recognise and enjoy every ingredient.

The quality we want for our ingredients is really high, that is why we select the best meats and cheeses from Italy and the best local Scottish poultry and veggies.

But the thing that make our Panini "more" is the bread we use for them.

A soft Ciabatta bread baked at Accento Cafe every day by Francesca and Riccardo, a product that we are really proud of and that has taken lot of attemps before finding the right recipe.

So the secret is one: for a good marriage in a Panino you need excellent bread and excellent ingredients plus a big love in delivering a product that can change the day.

And this is the only recipe We will follow!

Stay tuned we will update this space with our Panini.