Happy New Year!

Bye Bye 2019! ❤️

The word of the year for us is Gratitude.

2019 has been an incredible and impressive year that left us almost speechless (and you know it is not easy) for the amount of great things that our mini coffee shop achieved.

Best Take Away in Scotland at the Entertainment Awards, Best Coffee Shop in Glasgow at the Scottish Food Awards, Best Barista mention at The Scottish Italian Awards, Runner up 2019 for @obsfood in the Guardian and included as a cherry on top in the 100 Best Restaurants in Glasgow by the fantastic Glasgowist.

It has been also the year where we understood that even if we are a small business we can do our part in saving the planet and to reduce the number of takeaway cups around we launched our Reusable Cup campaign with rcuponeplanet that will be doing in 2020 as well. 🌍

We met lot of people we had the pleasure to work with: our customers, foodbloggers, our fantastic colleagues we share our joys and fears with, our friends here and from Sardinia.


Thanks to everyone for your support that has been constant and with no holiday, for giving us your time and your nice words, for reassuring us about your welcoming when Brexit hit the country, for listening to all our chat about Italy and our obsession for good Italian food.

Thanks for trusting us ❤️


We hope you felt the love during this year, we have a storm of happiness ready to come 2020.

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