Corona Virus update

On the 19th of March we closed our Accento Cafe due to the Corona Virus measures suggested by the Government. Following the developments of the Italian situation we had decided already one week before to act and introduce some limitations regarding our service like only take away, the number of people allowed in the shop, card payments only, a stop in our beloved reusable cup program.

Sadly the situation did not go better and for the safety of our customers and for our safety we thought closing the shop was the best thing to do even if it left us in tears, initially.

Initially because we saw what our customers meant for us. I mean, we did not need this emergency to understand it but this made even clearer: our customers became our family and in these days of madness when everything was falling down for the small businesses like us they gave us strength.

Hundred of messages, calls, demonstrations of love, queues outside in a safe distance to have our panini, words of encouragement for the future, the help offered by the Glasgow food world, the Glaswegian newspaper, the bottles of prosecco for our quarantine at home.

The sense of community we felt was unique and spectacular and made us feel loved in a moment where we saw our creature we sacrifice everything for forced to close from one day to the other.

We want to say THANK YOU to all of you, from the bottom of our heart.

We want to stay positive, we will be positive because we know we can count on each other.

In the meantime, stay connected and follow our social media because we are going to keep you company with our RECIPES IN QUARANTINE, a recipe a day to cook together and with the family in this strange time.

Lot of love and stay strong,

Alessandra, Francesca and Riccardo

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