Big Franco in The Glasgow Times

Glasgowist is writing a column about all things Glasgow in The Glasgow Times. From food to events, every Thursday you will find a concentrate of what is happening in town. Yesterday there was the list of the Hot 10 places of the moment and we could not have been happier to find our friends from Julie’s Kopitiam and Laurie and Andrea with their new coffee point in Hope Street, Blkbx Coffee. There was a special mention of our Star, Big Franco. As well said by Paul and as you all know, this panino is named after our Dad Franco. It has been since we opened in 2015 a best seller and the fact you all loved it so much is the reason why we have developed an entire menu with richer versions of it.

From a competition in 2015 you have the famous Big Gavin, Big Nadia, Spicy Franco, Light Franco and Super Laura with a variety of Italian cured meats and cheeses.

Every week you find also a Special that is out Experiment Franco and we can’t now miss a week thank to your demand!

We hope you like the new Christmas edition that features the Fabulous 4 with more flavours and combination to try!

Thanks for making the Big Franco a legend, the real Franco is all over the moon for his Scottish success! ❤️

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