Aubergine salad

Summer time finally is here in all its beauty. We have to admit that the last week our lunches and dinner were mostly salads, bruschetta, rice salad and fruit.

Aubergines are definitely at their best in this period of the year and this vertical salad is one of our favourite. It got all the perfect ingredients. The only down point is that you have to stay in front of the cooker cooking the aubergines but this can be avoided using the oven. It is up to you what are you happier with! Basil and olive oil to finish it. Enjoy cold.

INGREDIENTS ( x 2 Towers)

1 long aubergine

1/2 big tomatoes

1 mozzarella

some basil leaves

extra virgin olive oil




Wash your aubergines and cut them in slices of 1 cm, prick them with a fork on both sides, put them in a colander for 30/40 minutes and cover them with a plate.

Take a large pan and once hot place your slices of aubergines and cook them until they are ready, turning from time to time. Let them cool down and in the meantime, slice your mozzarella and your washed tomatoes. Wash some big basil leaves as well.

Add some extra virgin olive oil and salt to your aubergines and start building your tower.

Aubergines, mozzarella, some oregano, tomato and basil and again for another time.