AMATRICIANA under Corona Virus

This recipe is called "Amatriciana under Corona Virus" for a reason.

During this time and with our shop closed we did not have the chance to order some guanciale or to buy it in some Italian deli. This recipe does not respect one of the magic rules for this pasta because is done using bacon instead.

Amatriciana is a recipe coming from Lazio region and from the city of Amatrice and it is considered a really old one, linked to the shepherds life, done even before the discovery of America and the use of tomatoes. Tomatoes are a lovely extra to an already tasty dish.

It makes a really rich sauce, oily due to the fact the meat is particularly fat it self, and perfect to finish with some cheese. Better Pecorino to keep it authentic, but in times of corona virus we can all close an eye and add a bit of parmesan.


INGREDIENTS for 4 people

300 gr of bacon/lardons

1/2 tea spoon of chilli flakes or 1 fresh chilli

400 gr of tomato sauce/ passata or plummed tomatoes

1 spoon of coarse salt

350 gr of pasta

Pecorino or parmesan cheesee



Cut the bacon in small strips and cook on a moderate heat until golden 

Take the bacon now from the pan but leave the oil - add now a touch of chillies

In this oil add the tomato sauce, stir it and cook at a low heat for around

15-20 minute until it thicknes.

Taste it and adjust the sauce with salt, pepper and chilli flakes

Add the cheese and mix

Add now again the lardons/bacon


Bring a large pot of water to boil, add one spoon of coarse salt

Add the pasta and cook it until AL DENTE

Now drain the pasta and add it to the sauce and toss with energy to coat with tongs

Serve it and enjoy it